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Welcome to the SLB Insurance Group information center FAQ. We have tried to provide answers to our most common questions about doing business with SLB Insurance Group. If you have additional questions or need additional information, please call us at 877-9-BIND-IT or email us at


Are you still appointing new agents?

Yes, SLB Insurance Group is currently appointing new agents.

What is required for an appointment with SLB Insurance Group?

All we require for an appointment is a completed agency agreement, producer profile, and a copy of your current E & O policy declarations page.

Does SLB Insurance Group require any network or maintenance fees?

No, we do not require any startup or maintenance fees from our brokers.

Does my agency have binding authority?

No, only SLB Insurance Group has binding authority with the companies we represent.

Do you have a minimum premium or account size?

No, minimum premiums vary by class of business.

Do I need to be appointed to receive a quote?

No, we will quote business before the agency paperwork is completed.

What are the commissions for new business?

Please call our office for our current commission schedule.


What if I don’t receive my quote within 24 hours?

If you do not receive a quote or a follow up call by one of our representatives, you can check the status of a quote by emailing us at or calling our office.

What if I have a question about a certain class or risk?

You can call us at 877-924-6348 or email us at

How long are SLB Insurance Group quotes valid?

Our quotes are valid for 30 days following the quote date. After that date, you will need to verify with our office if the quote is still valid.

Are all quotes binding offers?

No, quotes are always subject to, when requested, loss runs, MVR’s, supplemental applications, or financial information.


How do we bind an account?

The first step is a fax  or email our office requesting the policy to be bound with an effective date. The fax or email must be followed up with the original signed accord forms and the down payment via mail.

What else is required to bind business?

All quotes are subject to company inspection, credit inspection, supplemental applications, and MVR’s where applicable.

Does my agency have binding authority?

No, only SLB Insurance Group has binding authority with the companies we represent. Coverage is not considered bound until confirmation from SLB Insurance Group is received.

How do we know if our account was bound?

When we receive your binder, we will issue a binder confirmation with the policy number and fax or email it to your office. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact our office immediately.

What payment plans are offered for my insured?

Payment plans differ depending on quoting carrier.  Please contact our office for more information.

Who should checks be made payable to?

All payment checks should be made payable to SLB Insurance Group or the insurance company the account was written with.

How is commission paid?

Agency Bill commissions are paid to our office net of your agency commission.  Direct Bill commission is paid monthly by statement from our office.

In Force Business:

Are any multi-policy discounts available?

Yes, if you are interested in writing more than one class of business please ask about our multi-policy discount.

How do we request endorsements?

Endorsements may be requested via fax, email at, or via phone.

How can I check the billing status of an insured?

You can call us at 877-924-6348 or email us at Be sure to include the insured name and policy number.

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